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The Open Source Initiative

Licences and Standards


Why open source? Many companies have become used to accepting the big commercial software products available on the market and are not aware of other products.

This has lead to a large monopoly in areas like operating systems, Accounting Software, Office Software and many other applications. However Open Source Software has been available for a long time and follows  a very structured and thorough release process. The Software is available under various Public licences that allow access to the source code and even modifications for personal use.

Why not let us review your IT needs and see whether you could benefit from moving to an Open Source solution tailored to fit your business?

Traditional hackers have targeted the large commercial Software companies, making them more prone to attacks than their ‘Open Source’ counterparts; for example the Open Source Linux operating system in its various forms is updated constantly to address any security issues and is a popular operating system to run on servers around the world.

We use ‘Ubuntu’ which is a Linux based operating system.

Get your business up and running.


Domain name registered
Basic 3-5 page web site using a standard template
Email with up to 5  pre-defined addresses
Accounting package for UK accounts
One year of cloud hosting.


IT Solutions




Nomad Systems

‘Open Source’ for business.....

Nomad Systems specialise in providing an ‘IT Solutions in a Box’ service. What this means is that businesses can securely access their IT tools using a web browser over an Internet connection.

This means there is no need for a business to have its own IT department or expensive servers/IT infrastructure.

We use Open Source software and Cloud Hosting to provide this service and have a plethora of Software modules that we can provide to fit your business needs, allowing you to focus on your business.


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